Monday, 3 February 2014

WDI Progress Update - Agile Tools, Wireframes, Migration Change Control Diligence, Alumni

Progress @ General Assembly (GA):
  • Agile Dev Intro (Agile vs Waterfall, Manifesto, Test Driven Dev (TDD), Behaviour Driven Dev (BDD), Scrum Sprint Cycles and Ya Ain't Gonna Need It YAGNI / MVP Priorities, Ship early ship often, Estimation Points Sys. & Timeframes, Break-down Tasks, Team Velocity Forecasting Sprints, Burn-down Charts, Timeboxing Spikes, Daily Brief Stand-p Meeting Agenda Protocols, Project Normal Workflows, Planning & Design Stage, Site Structure, Use-cases, Wire-frames, Non-standard CRUD requirements, Development Stage) 
  • PivotalTracker - Agile Project Management tool using Scrum
  • Balsamiq Mockup - Wire-frames
  • Rails (Devise Authentication, Importance of Ongoing Migration Due Diligence to Teams and Traceability)
  • Presentation by Tiffany McHugh of GA's Studio Service:
    • Job readiness, Partner connections, Alumni network, Teaching opportunities, Sharing, etc

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