Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dreams and Reality Checks

Dreams (often Weird):
  • Woke up 5:50am 22nd Feb (after the #rubyconfau14 afterparty and thai dinner with friends). Vividly remember being on small boat with some others in unchartered areas in Northern Europe under the guidance of an important and influential leader. He mentioned that missing historical maps were thought to have been located there. I found one, and it chartered new territories in Northern Russian across to North-East Asia
Reality Checks:
  • Area 51 New Site Staging Zone - Whilst reviewing all the StackOverflow badges to strive toward, I came across the 'Precognitive' badge, which recognises those (where 'those' === null) who followed StackOverflows proposal on Area 51 New Site Staging Zone (their proposal didn't exist, because Area 51 came about after StackOverflow had already reached the commitment phase). This site looks amazing, it's incredible refreshing to discover that a solution to one of your ideas already exists, and given my prevailing passion for the concept, it provides a perfect platform to launch into new territories. Area 51 has followed a similar thought-process to what I was aspiring toward when I created Trendmyhunch, with the exception of a few key differentiators!!

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