Saturday, 8 February 2014

WDI Progress Update - Trendmyhunch Project Launched, Feedback forms, 'What The Trend API', 'Google Visualization API', CSV to PSQL, Example Code

  • Homework:  Email Production using SendGrid and ActionMailer, Feedback form (using Get Satisfaction, UserVoice), Review Github Code of other students 
  • Want to Try: Redcarpet, Javascript tutorials
  • Example Code #1 (using 'trends.format' JSON hash from What The Trend API):
              Testing Method: Pry
              Try it on My Website: Trendmyhunch (beta only so follow the instructions carefully!)

          New Method inside IdeasController.rb
          Modify Sample Google Visualization API code (obtained here)
          Please email me if interested..
  • Example Code #2 (loading contents of .CSV files into PSQL database):
         Please email me if interested...

Progress @ General Assembly (GA):

Contributions to Developer Community 

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