Thursday, 20 February 2014

WDI Progress Update - jQuery, AJAX, RubyConf!, Atlassian

  1. ToDo Lab and Memory Game Lab in jQuery
    1. Thanks to Luke Mesiti for highlighting structure for on-click functionality without nesting i.e. $('#game').on('click', '.column', function() { )
    2. Thanks to Nick Morgan for sharing the awesome Memory Game solution he prepared with Alberto Forni
  2. Git Real, Try Git
  3. Group Project planning (starts on 24th Feb!)
  4. Update CV (reflecting on teachings from Tarun Mookhey)
Dreams (often Weird):
  • Woke up in the early hours of the 21st Feb (after an early night). Aware I'd been dreaming about code, my mind was racing. I'd fallen asleep wearing an uncomfortable collared shirt. Mentally I couldn't convince myself to take it off and go back to sleep, somewhat thinking my body's variable scope and functions wouldn't compile with a t-shirt on instead?
Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • jQuery - (Selectors, Events, DOM Manipulation {Methods, Transitions, Scoping, This, Propagation with Parents Children, API, Validations, Search Form Caching, Templating, Underscore JS, Interpolation instead of Concatenation)
  • AJAX - (A-synchronous Javascript and XML for requesting data specific data without refreshing entire pages of code using HTTP request, Short Hand Methods, getJSON using jQuery.ajax method, Debugger, Sinatra server to request data followed by AJAX to mitigate authorisation issues, Checking Response States and Callback Success Status, Refactoring to avoid Nesting, Refactoring to increase notation Flexibility, Callbacks {Done, Fail, Always}, Wrapping Form Submit Event with AJAX request to retrieve JSON) 
  • Presentation by Tarun Mookhey (Founder of Pacifica Search) - Employer Types, Salaries, Developer Hotspots, Individual and Group Blogs, CV's, LinkedIn, GitHub, Portfolios, Job Applications
  1. SydJS (Atlassian All Stars) - Attended 19th Feb
    • Networked with Jonathon Creenaune (presented JS1K), Issac Gerges (presented Node.js for fun and profit), Chris Darroch (referred me to AMD), Jed Wesley-Smith (Atlassian and band SuperMassive), Ben Buchanan (great chat!), Phil Reither (great chat!)
  2. RubyConf - Attending 20-21st Feb
  1. Coding, Methods, and Tools:
    1. Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) - JS API (referred by Chris/Daz @ Atlassian)
    2. JS Linter for Sublime Text 2
    3. Emmet for Sublime Text 2
    4. CodeFormatter for Sublime Text 2 
    5. Tabifier 
  2. Reading & Learning:
    1. Atlassian Blogs
    1. SydJS Mentors
  3. Organisations:
    1. SauceLabs testing software
    2. BrainTree website payment systems
    3. Ninefold app deployment 
    4. LookAhead recruitment
    5. ThoughtWorks mindmapping, testing, Agile PM
    6. DiUS
    7. Travis CI 
    8. Rendant
    9. Envato

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