Tuesday, 11 February 2014

WDI Progress Update - Javascript

  1. Homework, losing time fixing my deployment to Heroku due to failed mailers
Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • Javascript (Comments, Expressions, Statements, Arrays, Debugging, Programs (;), Function Helper Libraries, Function vs Procedures, Function Scope {not block scope}, Circular Dependancies, Invoking, Pure Functions, Function Environments, Functions are First Class Objects, Recursive Functions, ECMAScript Harmony {let} vs Blocks, Closure Phenomenon, Values and Side effects, Lexical Scoping of Variables, Shadow Variables, Nested Functions, Operators {Assignment, Comparison, Arithmetic, Bitwise, String, Logical [Short-Circuit Evaluation], Special, Conditional, Comma, Delete, In, InstanceOf, New, This, Typof, Void, Precedence}, Operands, Objects (Properties/Associative Arrays, New Objects, Object Initializers, Constructor Function and Object Instances, Object.Create using Prototype object, Inheritance {Classical, Prototypal}, Indexing Object Properties, Defining Object Type Properties, Defining Methods, Object Methods using 'This', Defining Getters and Setters, Deleting Properties) Enumerating Object Properties {ECMAScript 5, For..In, Object.keys(o), Object.getOwnPropertyNames(o)}, Economy of Loops vs calling Functions in Stack Contexts, Efficiency vs Elegancy vs Time, Transitivity, Floating Point Arithmetic i.e. (0.1 + 0.2 == 0.3 false (0.1 + 0.2).toFixed(1) == 0.3 true), Silent Errors due to Style incorrect { placement on new line and no block scope, DOM {Document Object Model} as API logical structure for accessing, changing, deleting, or adding to valid HTML/XML)  
  • Javascript Shells
  • Attended meetup Ruby on Rails Oceana  (ROROSyd) on 11th Feb
  • MORE Javascript Stuff (Lambda, Dynamic Objects, Loose Typing, Object Literals i.e. JSON, Delegations, Differential Inheritance, New Object clobber constructors issue, Module Pattern transformed into Constructor Pattern Augmenting Objects with Privileged methods using Closure with reference to the Context, JSLint, Reliability Strict Mode Tags {Intolerables}, Implementations, Object Hardening Support {Immutability/Mashups}, Secure JS Subsets {FBJS, Caja, Cajita, ADsafe})

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