Friday, 14 February 2014

WDI Progress Update - Javascript, Underscore Library, Fizzbuzz, Modernizr, and Advanced CSS Tips

  1. Homework Hangman
  2. Dump-Ling on Valentines!
Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • Javascript (Underscore Library vs Lodash, Scripts to Automate Underscore Setup in HTML, CDN JS Library of JS/CSS, Coordinate Magic Number Dangers, FizzBuzz to Demonstrate Thought Process {Structured Planning, Interaction}, Minification, )
  • Presentation - Brice Lechatellier (CSS3 and JS) - Key takeaways:
    • CSS vs JS (on Native vs Mobile apps), CSS Pre-processing of Browser Prefixes with Mixins (LESS or SASS), CSS Testing using Chrome Inspect Element, Paralax Animation Techniques, Seamless Transitions, JSFiddle, Font and Icon Libraries, CSS Filters, Depth of Field, Modernizr Browser Compatibility Testing 
  • IOS Apps reflecting on tips from Brice!

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