Sunday, 9 February 2014

WDI Progress Update - Trendmyhunch Extras, Google Analytics Client Authentication using Service Account and OAuth

  • Google Analytics Client, Google's API Developers Console (connected!)
  • Google Maps Coordinate API (yet to attempt)
  • Extras add to My Website: Trendmyhunch
    • Collapsing Menu
    • Anchors
    • Select / Unselect All
    • Feedback form (failed on heroku push, stuck on whether i need
      • Troubles #1 tried Sample Contact Form on Github, Mailgun and associated documentation, etc (unable to use free SendGrid due to past personal income issues), might have revert back to PHP! Yikes!!
    • Authentication with Google Analytics Client using Service Account and OAuth! (noted the importance of using the correct 8 digit number after the letter 'p' in the URL when in the Analytics Account Settings of the correct App!! didn't realise this initially and was getting error 403)
    • Troubles #2 - Can't upload to Github to mirror pushes to Heroku! Bugger...
  • Important Note: Gem Garb could have saved me a lot of time connecting to Google Analytics! 
  • Played around with dashing, puma server, rufus scheduler, and redis, and rendered my heroku site useless (site still works on local server though...)  ----> discovered that the reason it wasn't working on Heroku was because there  were remnance of Dash (which I wasn't using). the error was only exposed when i ran "rails console production". to solve the issue i just opened the /app/jobs/sample.rb file and commented the whole file.

~/Documents/w5d1_project/ideas_app/trendmyhunch ✗ master ∴ rails consoleLoading development environment (Rails 4.0.2)2.1.0 :001 > exit~/Documents/w5d1_project/ideas_app/trendmyhunch ✗ master ∴ rails console production/Users/Luke/Documents/w5d1_project/ideas_app/trendmyhunch/app/jobs/sample.rb:3:in `<top (required)>': uninitialized constant Dashing (NameError)

Progress @ General Assembly (GA):
  • Analytics (Conditionally included Analytics)


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