Friday, 14 February 2014

WDI Progress Update - Javascript Event Handers

  1. Homework in morning before class!
  2. Javascript Koans, Ruby Koans!!!
Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • Javascript (Browser Events {Registering and Unregistering Event Handlers }, Event Types, Adding and Removing Events, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Listeners, Event Steps {DOM Node, Type, Function}, Event Coordinates, Animations, Unobtrustive JS, Separation of Concerns, DOM Event Bubbles and Element Priorities, Event Tracking, Sokoban Game with Constructors, Validation Event Handling, Error Handling Events, Anonymous Functions and References, Memory Leaks and Circular References, Javascript Runtime, THIS's Keyword Rules, THIS's Object References and Changes at Control Shifts {Method Invocations, New Operator, Call and Apply Functions} between Execution Contexts {Global (window object), Functional (body), and Eval Code} and their associated Properties {String, Math}, Direct vs Indirect paths, Object Oriented Approach)
  • Presentation - Angie (Life after WD) - Key takeaways:
    • Version control, Cheat sheets, Blog consolidated learnings, Community contribution, Resource tools (Stackoverflow, Dash, etc), Sharing tips

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