Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WDI Progress Update - Rick Rampage Game (Group Project), OrbitOz, GitHub

  1. Group Project - Standups not often enough, Commits too infrequent (time intensive code conflict resolution), Perception of a dominance in opinions with some voices not always being heard creating frustration and episodes of demotivation, Dedicated team with Nick Morgan's invaluable vision, team motivation, and graphic design talent, Alberto Forni's impeccable focus on implementation and refactoring, and Ed Fastovski's calmness and assuredness and in the wake of each storm of problems aligning breakdown of scope and compatibility of the core in-game functionality. Amazing team... But I feel a constant sense that my contributions are inadequate and that I'm letting the team down, with all the challenges I present to myself seemingly ending up in the too-hard basket with too much broken code...
Progress @ General Assembly (GA)

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