Sunday, 23 March 2014

WDI Progress Update - Final Project (Littlehumans), Brainstorming, Mock Interviews, Codium

  • Littlehumans (Medical App for Midwives and Parents of New Born Children)
    • Problems faced
      • Combined OAuth Login (Facebook, Twitter, Google) with Devise spend all day Saturday trying to get it to work in Production environment (managed to get Google, Facebook, and Twitter to work)
      • See 'About Us' page at the Littlehumans website for other challenges
  • Dancing at Karaoke!
Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • Littlehumans Final Project
    • Heroku Link: Littlehumans App    
    • Tech Stack: View the 'About Us' page at the link above
    • Purpose: Midwife app for Midwives and Parents to track and share New Born Baby information and key Moments (input from my partner who is a professional midwife)
  • Sunday Javascript - with Daniel Tsui
    • Challenging Tests
    • Immediately Invoked Function (IIFE)
    • .Then
    • Hoisting
    • First Class Citizen
  • Javascript Ecosystem - Presentation by Je Turnbull
    • Multi-paradigm (MPM) and styles 
    • Automation and Task Runners
    • Package Management
    • JS Essential Knowledge and Tools
    • Front-end Job Questions
    • JS Testing
    • Scope and Closures
    • Recommended Books
  • Codium Group Project
    • Twitter Gem - Solved ability to scrape blog posts

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