Friday, 21 March 2014

WDI Progress Update - Data Structures, Recursion (Towers of Hanoi), Codium Group Project, RSpec, Twitter Gems, Secret Keys, Amazon Web Services

  • Problems fixed (lesson learnt: >4 hrs sleep required to RSpec effectively) 
    • RSpec refactoring (special attention!)- Thanks Taryn East
    • Activity Monitor & Which- Thanks Pranava Swaroop for tip on how to kill Mac tasks, and how to find which directory my Git was installed in 'which git'
    • Text navigation - Thanks Daniel Tsui for tip on how to navigate text quickly with ALT+Arrow

Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • Computer Science (Data Structures {Queues, Stacks, Linked Lists {Nodes, Values, Pointers} }, LILO, FIFO, Random Access VS Binary Search) 
  • Codium Group Project
    • Gems Tested (Twitter Feed Scraper): 
      • Twitter Gem
      • Anemone Gem (Crawl, parse DOM, and harvest, but JS security issue without innerText)
    • Secret Keys Setup: Heroku, Devise, Twitter
    • Pry Debugging

  • Unit 3 - Organisational Strategy & NPD DONE
  • Unit 4 - Idea Generation IN PROGRESS - must finish on w/e before Final Project week

  • Amazon Web Services - Thanks GA for Voucher! (must remember to use it by June 2014!)
  • SQL & Data Structures - Revise Engineering Notes! (eww..)
  • Anchor - may be the solution to my Rails and broader web hosting problems

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