Tuesday, 18 March 2014

WDI Progress Update - Computer Science (Algorithms, Big O Notation), Codium

  • Problems fixed 
    • Merge Array Sort made most intriguing - Thanks Taryn East
    • Git refactoring of RSpec using Bash Terminal and Regular Expressions - Thanks Taryn East 
  • Final Project Brainstorming
    • Feature Implementation Wants (Pivotal Tracker Link):
      • Wireframe 
      • Sass
      • Web Sockets Server Live Broadcast
      • Stripe Payment System 
      • Google OAuth
      • Eventmachine
      • Carrierwave for File Attachments
      • SSL in Rails
      • W3C Accessibility Standards Features
      • Temporary Communications (not Permanency)
      • Visibility and Editability of Cookies, Privacy, and Security
      • Visible Live Annotations
    • Umby Racks Crowdsourcing App encouragement - Thanks Daniel Tsui

Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • Computer Science (Algorithms Types & Choices {Search, Sort}, Big O Notation {Logarithms}, Benchmarking Tools {Binary VS Big O}, Rails Quick Sort, Factorials, Language Paradigms, Recursion, Fibonacci) 
  • Codium Group Project (Git refactoring of RSpec using Bash)
  • Gems (Ruby Prof, Simplecov)

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