Friday, 14 March 2014

WDI Progress Update - Advanced Rails Caching, SASS, Websockets, Javascript Evolution & Frameworks, Group Project Implementation

  • Backbone.js and Burning Airlines - 6 hrs preparing Burning Airlines MVC for Flights on 13th Mar:
    • Problems fixed thanks to help from team in the morning:
      • Missing from app.js
        • Async call to fetch flight collection model and Router
      • Correction in FlightsController
        • 'respond_with @flights' instead of 'respond_with :json => @flights' to prevent embedded JSON
      • Removing JBuilder.json file that was merged after git pull from master, and caused only id and url to appear at URL /flights/flights.json (code previously pushed compiled successfully and listed flights)
      • Binding(this) to enable Search button functionality for on-click 
      • Debugging in Chrome Inspect Element using CMD+' to skip to next line of code for testing, and hovering over variables to show current value 
  • Pomodoro Time Management

Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • Group Airline Project (Implementation)
    • Team: Marcus Hoile, Sam Peters, Alberto Forni, Luke Schoen
  • Javascript Evolution
    • JS Framework Types: 
      • Full-stack - Derby (real-time apps), Sails (like Rails), Meteor (new with potential security issues)
      • Front-end - Backbone.js, Marionette, Knockout, React, CanJS
      • Front-end + Datamining - Angular, Ember
      • Back-end frameworks, Websockets, 
      • Templating - Handlebars
      • Other: Batman, Express Polymer, Socketstream, Clojure
    • Websockets ( to manage HTML5 websockets, real-time control to sync broadcast changes without overhead HTTP)
    • Proxy Servers - NGrok
    • Separate Loading Templates - .jst.ejs and Global Namespaces
  • Caching in Rails
    • Client-side & Server-side (Page, Action, Fragment)
    • ActionPageCaching GEM
    • ActionPackCaching GEM
    • Rake Task Sweepers
    • SQL Query Caching
    • Memcache, Nullcache
  • SASS (Nested, Interpolating Content, Variables, Mixins, Cross-File Mixins, Inheritance, Pseudo Selectors, Asset Pipeline, Image-Path and Asset-Path for Production)
  • Presentation TankStream Labs
    • Key Takeaways:
      • Lifestyle & Work
        • Startup Org Fit Evaluation Essentials
        • Recording Skills
        • Cocurricular and Coding
      • Language Agility
        • Erlang, Haskell
      • Terminology & Tools
        • Strong Parameters
        • Async Processing and Delays (SidekiQ + Reddis)
        • Scheduling Processes (Cron + Whenever)
        • XML Parsing (Nokogiri)
        • PDF (Prawn, PDFQueue)
        • Debugging (Pry)
        • Uploading Files (Paperclip, Carrierwave)
        • Sublime GEMS (GEM Browser, Git Extensions)
        • JSON (JBuilder, JSON Serializers, Draper)
        • Image Resizing (LibXML image munging, Image Magic)
        • Communicate Validation in Natural Language (Chronic, Chronorails GEM)
  • Fisburners - Chat with Mark (Movie guru), met David (recommended Founders Institute), Dimitri, Jenny, and Matthews B'day

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