Sunday, 27 April 2014

Post WDI - iPhone Multiview Navigation-Based Apps (Table View Categories)

iPhone Development (Xcode 5) (Cont'd)

iPhone Multiview Navigation-Based Apps (with Table Views)    DONE
  • Table Views { toolset to display list of cells onscreen by Category and Sub Category, they respond to touch events and allowing users to scroll up and down, with each single cell structured to contain multiple pieces of info, and cells broken into sections of info clusters }
    • Types
      • Plain (aka Index Tables) { lack visual separation of sections of grouped tables
      • Grouped 
    • Implementation
      • UITableView { instance creates table view }
        • Methods:
        • accessoryType ("disclosure indicator" array. touching reveals details)
      • UITableViewController { subclass instance handles interactions with table view and conforms to req'd protocols }
      • UITableViewDataSource Protocol { provide data for table to display } 
        • Methods: 
        • numberOfSectionsInTableView (qty table sections)
        • tableView:tableViewNumberOfRowsInSection (qty rows in each section)
      • UITableViewDelegate Protocol { creating cells in table and react to user selection }
        • Methods:
        • tableView:titleForHeaderInSection (string title section no.)
        • tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath (returns UITableViewCell object for table section and row)
        • tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath { react to row touch event from user using indexPath instance }
      • NSIndexPath { communicates row and section info (IndexPath for incoming objects in table methods with accessors IndexPath.section and IndexPath.row }
        • Methods:
        • UILabel object { textLabel, setText }
    • Memory Management
      • Reuse cells no longer req'd to generate current display instance of allocation across all table cells
  • Navigation Controller { allow user to drill down multiple views of data }
  • Navigation Controller Stack { new views appear when view controllers are instantiated and pushed onto the navigation controller stack or to go back the navigation controller pops the current view off the stack to unload it and previous view moves to top of stack and becomes active }
  • Apple Navigation-Base Application Template
    • Preparation
      • UINavigationController { instance of Root View Controller and subclass of UITableViewController. It is a navigation controller that provides functionality to push and pop other controllers }
        • Properties: { title property }
      • UINavigationBar { horizontal navigation bar with UI elements to navigate views }
      • UINavigationItem { used to display title in navigation bar }

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