Friday, 25 April 2014

Post WDI - iPhone Multiview App Architecture (Multiple-View Controllers, Toolbars)

iPhone Development (Xcode 5) (Cont'd)

iPhone Multiview Apps (with Toolbar) (manually created)   DONE
  • UIViewController { load and swap multiple @class subviews (separate controller structure) with UIView instance method insertSubView:atIndex. use default controller to clear current view (i.e. clearView ), remove inactive subviews  where superview property is tested to be nil using removeFromSuperView for individual or simultaneous views }
  • UIToolbar and UIBarButtonItem { overlayed floating subview index to switch views based on event action (i.e. Touch Up Inside) }

iPhone Multiview Apps (with Tab Bar) (expedited method)   DONE
  • UITabBar and UITabBarController (not the Apple default tab bar)
    • UITabBarControllerDelegate Protocol has all optional methods 
    • appplicationDidFinishLaunching method to add tabBarViewController instance
    • floatValue of NSString class provides floating point numbers from user input returning 0.0 for incorrect input allowing valid calculation always
    • viewWillAppear method used as hook to only update view just before displayed onscreen when we have access to all objects

Events Upcoming
    • ATTENDED - MyBirthdayApp, 28th Apr 2014
    • ATTENDED - Sydney MongoDB Meetup, 6pm, 29 Apr 2014 (MongoDB Australia, 2-12 Foveaux St Surry Hills)
    • ATTENDED - Entrepreneurs of 2025 - (Start Presenting To Groups) - 6:30pm 30 Apr 2014 (Level 1 99 York St) - Organiser and Host (Cyril Sansano) Beware: Nobody turned up except for me despite 11ppl RSVP'ing!!!
    • ATTENDED  - GA Launch Party - 6-9pm, Fri 2 May 2014 GA Sydney (York St), 56-58 York St

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