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Post WDI - Angular.js

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Up and Running with AngularJS (2013) with Joseph LeBlanc - DONE
  • AngularJS(
    • Templates, 
    • Angular Activation with ng-app Directive, 
    • Scoped Variables, 
    • Dependencies, 
    • Placeholders {{}},
    • Boilerplate Structure Creation, 
    • Supplying Scoped Data, 
    • Filtering Outputs to Format Raw Data Inputs { using Pipe | with 'uppercase', 'currency', 'json' to debug, etc}, 
    • Listing Data with ng-repeat Directive, 
    • Controlling Scopes and Events with ng-click Directive instead of on-click which looks for global function, 
    • Partials with Jade, 
    • Routing Views without loading whole page with ng-view Directive with Front-End routing instead of back to Server, 
    • Single Page Apps with $routeProvider in Front-End with URLs interpreted by AngularJS instead of Server and URLs bound to Markups or Partials, 
    • Supplying Navigation with Active Buttons bound to URL loaded instead of only ng-click Directive Events, 
    • Controllers to change Navigation State and Links to show possible Views, 
    • Nesting Scopes with Outer and Inner Controllers using ng-controller and ng-view Directives {inner scope only access but not modify outer scope due to self contained data}, 
    • Links to Individual Records and Collections, 
    • Server-Side Integration using Modules to Connect Server-Side Resources and Data to Front-End code, 
    • Hash Symbols in URL for Server Defined Routes in JSON, 
    • AngularJS to Read Data from Routes instead of hard coded in Controllers, 
    • Retrieving Individual Records,
    • Searching Models with real-time Results Filtered as Typed, 
    • Saving Forms to Server with POST Requests using Resource Callbacks, 
    • Search and Reservation functionality on one page, 
  • Links:

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