Saturday, 18 January 2014

WDI Progress Update - Ruby, Sinatra, FileUtils, HTTParty, HTML5, CSS3

  1. Ruby Koans
  2. Pony gem (SMTP)
  3. Error handling
  4. GA Pre-work
  6. ice Tree
  7. Wordpress
  8. Heroku
  9. Evernote
  10. Meta programming (multmaker) 
  11. Ruby Warrior
  12. VIM commands
  13. Stackoverflow
  14. Github
  15. Google Adsense
  16. DevOps
  17. Project Euler problems
Progress @ General Assembly (GA)
  • Installfest
  • Github Homebrew Package Manager 
  • Sublime Text 2 (shortcuts, binding)
  • Ruby (embedded Ruby files, Ruby API's, data types, conditionals, loops, arrays, hashes, methods, classes, inheritance, exceptions, objects, aliasing, interactive Ruby shell, pry debugging, enumerables, blocks, procs, lambdas, server-side scripts, file and IO classes, file utilities, file pointers, closures, caching, set theory, handling CSV files, handling JSON, HTTP verbs and errors, curl, Sinatra gem and reloader, cat, stash, preferential execution with File__ == $0)
  • Ruby Gems - HTTParty, FileUtils, Sinatra app and reloader
  • Ruby Modules - YahooFinance
  • API's - OMDb
  • HTML5 (form fields, responsive)
  • CSS (stylesheet use options [import, inline, header], separation of concerns, cascading, descendants, selectors, blocks, properties, fonts, semantic classes, ID's, reset stylesheets, tags, Twitter Bootstrap, incompatibilities reset stylesheets, anchors, spans, blocks, inline, wildcards, link states, pseudo class selectors, positioning, DRY principle)
  • Apple Macbook Pro usage
  • Signed up to attend Ruby Conference Australia (Feb 2014) 
  • Attended meetup Ruby on Rails Oceana  (ROROSyd)
Future Wants:
  • UX @ GA 
  • UX tools 
  • Volunteer at GA or Fishburners 
  • Attend Sydney Business Angels, Sydney Tech meetups
  • Attend a Rails Camp @railscamp_au 
  • Continue attending Sydney Mobile Developers, and ROROSyd meetups 
  • Continue Adobe Creative Suite usage
  • Continue Lynda training
  • Installfest Ubuntu
  • Apply MBT learnings
  • Books: Agile Web Development with Rails
  • Apiary, DEP, Audited/PaperTrail, Activerecord gems - (ROROSyd)
  • Bundler, Travis CI - (ROROSyd)
  • Erlang VM, Elixir, Openresty, Heckle and RSpec
  • Concurrency and immutability in languages

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