Thursday, 30 January 2014

WDI Progress Update - Rails, REST, Shallow Nesting Routes, Helpers, Route Control, reInteractive Presentation


  1. Extra credit homework to finish music website
  2. Finally worked out hurdle of shallow nesting multiple routes!
Progress @ General Assembly (GA):
  • Rails (Rendering Action/Template Alternate Layouts, Rails CRUD implementation of stateless Representational State Transfer REST for short-form Routing versus non-CRUD architecture i.e. SOAP, Rails Rake Routes Helpers, Shallow Nesting of Restful Routes, Class 'Before Actions', Private versus Public Actions, PageController Route catch-all for dynamic page errors, Static Pages, Destroy Controller, Video tags)
  • Ruby (Faker gem)
  • reInteractive Presentation on Ruby Communities by Mikel Lindsaar 
    • Key tips shown in Reading List and Community Contribution sections below

Reading List (Monthly Min. Targets):

Contributions to Developer Community (by end 2014)
 Future Contributions (beyond 2014)

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